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Formally known as the Republic of Ghana Orientation Identification. Ghana, formerly the British colony of the Gold Coast, assumes a special prominence as the first African country to acquire independence from European rule. Ghanaian politicians marked this important transition by replacing the territory’s colonial label with the name of a great indigenous civilization of the past. While somewhat mythical, these evocations of noble origins, in combination with a rich cultural heritage and a militant nationalist movement, have provided this ethnically diverse country with unifying symbols and a sense of common identity and destiny.

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Popular Culture About Ghana Ghana pulsates with life. From the bustle of downtown Accra to the atmospheric adobe villages of the north, from the ancient Kingdom of Asante to the mediaeval mosques of Larabnga and Bole, it is a country whose immense cultural diversity both thrills and fascinates visitors, drawing them into a daily rhythm that is uniquely and unmistakenly African.

A common feature of all Ghanaian cultures is a love of festivals. Barely a week goes without one or other town or village holding its major annual celebration, while everyday personal events such as funerals, name-giving ceremonies and weddings tend also to be imbued with something of a carnival atmosphere. The normal starting point for exploring Ghana is the historical capital Accra, one of the safest and most navigable of African cities, and brimming with interest.

Modem Accra is epitomized by Cantonments Road, more widely known as Oxford District, Accra’s hip downtown with bustling shops, handicracfts, fabrics, hotels, restaurants, etc.. Better known to outsiders as Ashanti, Asante was the last and most enduring of a succession of centralized states that controlled the goldmines of Obuasi, though its wealth and influence was also linked to the ample supply of captives it provided to coastal slave traders.

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Comparatively, the area occupied by Ghana is slightly smaller than the state of Oregon. Ghana’s capital city, Accra, is located on the Gulf of Guinea coast. The climate is tropical but relatively mild with two rainy seasons April through June and from September to November. A serious environmental problem in Ghana is desertification land that once supported plant life changing into barren desert.

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Constitutional Convention Religion More than one-half of the population is Christian, about one-fifth is Muslim, and a small segment adheres to the traditional indigenous religions. Indigenous religions, while widespread and deep-rooted, lack a systematic body of doctrines. Though they are based, in general, on belief in the existence of a supreme being, a number of lesser deities associated with various natural phenomena are recognized.

Considerable prominence is given to dead ancestors, who are considered to be ever-present, capable of influencing the course of events for the living and capable of serving as intermediaries between the living and the gods. In the first half of the 20th century, Christianity steadily gained ground at the expense of the indigenous religions, but the trend slowed following independence.

Beginning in the late 20th century, the number of adherents of Islam began to increase.

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Nowhere else on earth will one find a culture so dynamic with a rich blend of Jamaican roots that have inhabited the island for ages. Jamaican art and culture is a mixture of many ethnicities that have landed on the island’s shores over the past several centuries. The roots of the art and culture of Jamaica was first brought by the Spanish and British settlers and then the West African slaves as did Chinese and Indian immigrants who came to the island as indentured workers.

The official language of Jamaica is English. Though in rural areas Patois or Creole, a combination of English and some African languages, is widely spoken.

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The origins and rise of the ancient West African Empire of Ghana, situated in the far western savannah, are obscure. It may have existed as early as the 5th century AD or even before. By it was reported in a book by a learned Arab scholar of Cordoba by the name of Al-Bakri that Ghana was the largest, wealthiest and most powerful state in West Africa. The empire was situated in the vast Savannah area between the Senegal and Niger Rivers, its authority extending from the frontiers of Futa Toro to the western banks of the Niger, and from the Mandinka area in the south to beyond the fringes of the desert in the north.

The founding ruling people of this “Land of Gold” were the Serahule Soninke , the indigenous inhabitants of the area, who established their capital at Koumbi Kumbi Saleh, at the time a leading trading centre of the Western Sudan. The Serahule who lived to the north of the upper waters of the Niger River formed themselves into a strong trading state.

This state spread its power over many neighbouring peoples and in the process the trading state became an empire. It commanded a large region of trade, security and strong government. It lasted for several hundred years and was deeply respected by travellers who came within its borders, as well as those who read or heard about it beyond its borders. The name of the state was originally known as Wagadou Ouagadou, Aoukar by its rulers, but the name of Ghana came into general use because one of the king’s titles “Ghana” meant war chief.

Each succeeding king was known by his own name and also by the title of Ghana. Another important title of the king was Kaya Maghan. This means “Lord of the gold” because he controlled the export of the valuable metal. The king’s main duties were to organise the trade and keep good relations with the Saharan traders, as well as acting as senior religious leader and as representative on earth of the “founding ancestors” of the Serahule people.

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As a British colony, it was known as the Gold Coast. In , it became the first sub-Saharan African colony to achieve independence. Its capital is Accra, and its principal exports are gold, cocoa, timber, and aluminum.

He moved to Accra, Ghana, to a modest bungalow situated at House No. 22 1 st Circular Road in Cantonment where today, the W. E. B. Du Bois Memorial Centre for Pan African Culture is located. The civil rights activist, freedom fighter and peace activist died at the age of 95 in Accra.

Before , the Republic of Benin was known as Dahomey, its French colonial name. In the precolonial period, Dahomey was the name of the most powerful kingdom on the Slave Coast, which extended along the Bight of Benin to Lagos. Today Benin includes not only the ancient Fon kingdom of Dahomey but also areas inhabited by many other groups.

The nation’s lack of cultural homogeneity is due to geographic factors and a history that has included waves of migration, competition between precolonial kingdoms, four centuries of commercial relations with Europe, and the impact of colonialism. In addition to language and ethnicity, there are divisions along lines of occupation and religion. The country has an area of 43, square miles , square kilometers.

Assyrian, Babylonian costume history. Mesopotamia.

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Traditional wedding ceremony in Ghana is performed to legitimatize the marital relationship between a male and a female. Until the ceremony is done children born out of the relationship are considered to be bastards. The way the ceremony is done and the things required at the ceremony vary from different ethnic groups in Ghana. However, the information below seeks to provide a general guidance on what will be expected from individuals who plan to go through the ceremony.

Things required The man groom is expected to present certain items openly at the ceremony. We have listed below some of the thing which will be required and their significance.

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