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This has to be one of my all time favorite movies, it’s soooo good! There are twelve colors in the regular polish line and six in the Infinite Shine line, so you’re in for a long post today because I’m giving them to you all at once, yay! Press Sample Breakfast At Tiffany’s is a pinky pale pearl with iridescent shimmer. Goes on a bit streaky, but evens out in three coats. This dries very fast because of the matte finish. I covered it with a top coat, I wasn’t sure if it was meant to stay matte or not, but either way I prefer it shiny. Very easy, smooth formula and opaque in two coats. Went on a little uneven at first, but I got full coverage with two layers. I believe there is a copyright on the exact Tiffany blue shade so no one can use it but them.

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The Holo Hookup is a monthly holographic nail polish box from 3 indie polish contributors: Cupcake Polish, DIFFERENT dimension and Glisten & Glow. Each box follows a monthly theme, and will include a 4th polish from a special guest maker. The box is available by pre-order only from the 21st of the month at 9pm EST to the 28th at 9pm EST.

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This is a place for swatches and reviews of all types! I hope everyone had a great weekend: The weather has been perfect! Well, here in CT it’s been nice lol. I got the mother of all nail mail on Friday so I have been swatching like crazy. First collection I want to share with you is the Supermodel Collection.

The May Holo Hookup Box will be available April 21st at 9 pm EST until April 28th at 9 pm EST only in the Holo Hookup shop. Important! > May’s box is NOT .

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Have You Ever Stopped and Left in the Middle of a Hookup?

Each polish is inspired by a Broadway musical. Cadillacquer has been on my blog several times, and her creations are generally a bit more unique. Her combinations of finishes with glitters and colors are fabulous. The May box will be handled a bit differently because the lovely Cadillacquer is in Switzerland and to ensure speedy shipping on these boxes, the polishes had to be made and shipped way earlier with no way to anticipate how many preorders will be placed.

This post may contain referral/affiliate links. If you buy something, MSA may earn a commission. Read the full disclosure. The July Holo Hookup nail polish limited edition box is available for purchase! The Box: The Holo Hookup – July. The Cost: $40 + shipping ($4 to the US).

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Officially described as a “reddened coral linear holo with added pink shimmers and holographic microglitters,” the color of From Tokyo, With Love is sort of a vibrant salmony bittersweet variation of coral with holographically-nuanced overtones of Brink pink and electric crimson and a protean quality that leans it more to orange, pink or red depending upon the circumstances in which it’s viewed.

A wash of intense rosiness suffuses the look, and metallic pink microflake shimmers and infinitesimal pink microglitters work within the base to give this polish a gleaming semi-metallic appearance, further enhancing the brilliance of its colors. They also add extra sparkle to the holographic display in direct sun, which is as perfectly prismatic, delineated and powerful as I’ve ever seen in a non-silver holo, with every one of the rainbow colors cleanly represented in its shifting, sparkly flare.

In bright ambient light there’s a softened, analogously-colored display with a glowing violet heart edged by a misty arc of cyclamen pink before shading to a fiery orange-red at the edges of the nail. The consistency of From Tokyo, With Love is fluid, light and smooth with a medium viscosity and an even, self-leveling glide over the nail. You know that quality where the polish goes exactly where you put it and stays there?

The Holo Hook-Up Box May Off To Broadway April 14, Alicia Cadillacquer, Cupcake Polish, Different Dimension, Glisten and Glow, Indie Polish, Press Sample, The Holo Hook-Up Today I am going to show you the newest Holo Hook-Up Box.

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The Holo Hookup May 2017 Off To Broadway

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November Pre-order – *Live from 10/21 9PM EDT- 10/28 9PM EDT* Ships by 11/12/18 $ Sold Out.

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The June Holo Hookup Box is available now via a week long pre-order window from May 21st at 9 pm EST until May 28th at 9 pm EST only in the Holo Hookup shop.

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The Holo Hookup Box August Enchanted Forest, holographic indie nail polish and nail art, press sample from the Holo Hookup. The Holo Hookup Box August Enchanted Forest, holographic indie nail polish and nail art, press sample from the Holo Hookup but that may be caused by the shimmers.

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