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One of the many issues that have been thrust to the fore is the status of American women married to Saudis and of the dual-national children of failed marriages. In a number of highly publicized instances, these children have been taken to or kept in Saudi Arabia by their Saudi fathers, against the will of their American mothers. Dan Burton R-Indiana , has played a prominent role in publicizing the issue. The committee held hearings in June and October , taking testimony from mothers, experts, and U. Burton also led a delegation to Saudi Arabia in August to raise the matter directly with Saudi authorities. Recently he has exchanged barbed letters with Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan, accusing Saudi Arabia of “bad faith” in the dispute. Most notably, William McGurn, chief editorial writer at The Wall Street Journal, has written a series of hard-hitting pieces accusing the Saudis of holding Americans captive. No document better conveys that clash than the eight-page brochure entitled “Marriage to Saudis,” which was published and distributed by the consular bureau of the Department of State, from the mid s.

Tax-free no more: Saudi Arabia and UAE to roll out 5pc VAT after oil price collapse

Women Is online dating easier for single female expats in Riyadh than for their male counterparts? It’s hardly the unsolved question of the century. However, it’s always important to back up a premise with arguments and facts.

Jul 16,  · My husband is currently working in Riyadh as engineer and to my surprised they were dating single nurses without our knowledge. I’m here in the Philippine taking care of my daughters and yet they’re doing a shit behind my s:

Tuesday 23 April Last Update 23 April 2: He said the talks with the Saudi minister focused on labor issues and other bilateral subjects of common interest. There are over two million Indian expatriates living and working in Saudi Arabia at the moment. Asked about the specifics of his talks with Minister Fakieh, the Indian envoy said: He thanked Fakeih for the decision made by Custodian of Two Holy Mosques to give a three-month grace period for those affected by the Nitaqat program to correct their legal status.

Those cases where people are not able to correct their legal status may approach the embassy for assistance, it noted. Any specific case, where assistance is required may be forwarded to labor. The embassy also urged Indian nationals wanting to leave Saudi Arabia but does not have valid documents to obtain final exit from Saudi authorities and register with the embassy by submitting their Emergency Certificate EC application forms.

The embassy reiterated that Emergency Travel Certificates will be issued only after Saudi authorities agree to grant permission for the final exit of applicants. The Nitaqat law makes it mandatory for local companies to hire one Saudi national for every 10 migrant workers. There has been widespread perception that the new policy will lead to denial of job opportunities for a large number of expatriates from India.

External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said whatever needs to be done will be done and that there was no need to panic. We will review this and whatever needs to be done will be done. I think we should not allow this to cause any panic.

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Follow arabnews Saudi women are turning to foreigners for stability and security in the marital world. By contrast, women in Riyadh and other southern regions with deeper tribal routes are less prone to marrying outside their culture. Legal consultant Abdulaziz Dashnan said Kuwaiti men top the list of Gulf nationals married to Saudi women, according to a statistical study. The study also showed that Saudi women married Pakistanis despite the social taboos over marrying non-Arabs.

Dashnan, nevertheless, warns against the perils of intercultural marriage.

Welcome to Our Riyadh Expat Community! Ahlan wa sahlanel and welcome to the InterNations Community for expatriates here in Riyadh! InterNations is a global network which allows expats from all over the world to come together and network and share advice with each other on the various aspects of moving, living, and working abroad.

Agricultural — wheat, barley, tomatoes, melons, dates, citrus, livestock Manufactured — petroleum refining, petrochemicals, cement, fertilizer, plastics Mineral — petroleum Monetary Unit: Its population, however, is relatively small, for much of Saudi Arabia is desert, poorly suited to human habitation. Saudi Arabia occupies most of the boot-shaped Arabian Peninsula in southwestern Asia. For much of its history, Arabia was isolated from the rest of the world.

It was largely the home of nomadic Bedouin, who crossed the deserts searching for grazing land and water for their herds of camels, goats, and sheep. But two events, many centuries apart, greatly changed the character and fortunes of the region. Soon an Islamic civilization spread across much of Asia, Africa, and into Europe, where it was halted by Christian armies.

The second major event occurred in the s, when enormous deposits of oil were discovered beneath Arabia’s barren soil. Today the wealth from its vast oil reserves has helped transform Saudi Arabia from a desert kingdom into a modern state. Saudi Arabia has a population of about 22 million, but about 25 percent of its residents are workers from foreign countries, known as expatriates. Of the total native population, 90 percent is Arab and 10 percent is Afro-Asian.

Arabic, a member of the Semitic family of languages, is the official language of Saudi Arabia.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

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Share this article Share He said: Saudi Arabia does not allow public worship of any religion other than Islam – despite the fact at least two million of the country’s expatriates are non-Muslims. Adnan Alonto pictured told the ministry that it appeared organisers of the party had been charged with holding an event without permit In a recent report, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom said Saudi religious police officers had ‘raided private non-Muslim religious gatherings organized by expatriate workers and arrested or deported participants, especially when the gatherings were loud or involved large numbers of people or symbols visible from outside the building’.

Expats from Africa and South-East Asia have also been detained by religious police in the past on charges of using witchcraft against their employers, disrupting Saudi society by dividing families, or distorting religious texts. The country also has strict laws restricting women from making a great deal of important decisions themselves. They are also prohibited from opening bank accounts, travelling alone, and in some cases even leaving the house alone.

Dressing for beauty is illegal, and modest clothing and make up is encouraged. Full length abayas – a long coat worn over other clothes – is recommended for women in public. They are also largely prohibited from spending time with men who are not family, and it is forbidden for unattached men and women to be seen together in public.

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The national flag, introduced in , consists of two horizontal red stripes separated by a white stripe which is twice as wide; at the center, in green, is a cedar tree. The Lebanese pound, or livre libanaise ll , is a paper currency of piasters. The metric system is the legal standard, but traditional weights and measures are still used.

Christian religious holidays include Feast of St. It is bordered on the n and e by Syria , on the s by Israel, and on the w by the Mediterranean Sea, with a total boundary length of km mi , of which km mi is coastline. Comparatively, the area occupied by Lebanon is about three-fourths the size of the state of Connecticut.

Riyadh, and women for expats in these countries are not so you find online love and they are dating for foreigners for all along. Announcing datememe is apollon and loving. An expat talks about her story of the us with single woman in my opinion, saudi aramco in the globe.

Saudi law approves marriage with foreigners By Published Tuesday, June 28, Saudi Arabia approved a law regulating marriage between its citizens and foreigners after several years of haggling because of widening rifts among law makers on the landmark law, the official media reported on Tuesday. The law allowed Saudis to have foreign spouses but stipulated that they need prior approval by a new government committee which could take up to three months to decide whether to agree or reject the request.

Under the law, the marriage must be in line with Islamic rules and the couple must be free of any serious diseases, should not be drug addicts and the age gap between them must not exceed 25 years. A Saudi man or woman seeking to marry from outside the Kingdom or the GCC must submit an application to a government committee to be created shortly by the ministries of interior, foreign affairs, justice and social affairs.

The committee also comprises representatives from the Saudi Human Rights Commission. Official data showed Saudi Arabia had around 1. Officials attributed the problem to the fact that many Saudi men prefer foreign wives despite the existing curbs due to the high wedding expenses and dowries demanded by national spouses. Another reason is the high divorce rate among Saudis, standing at 18, cases in , nearly 30 per cent of the total 60, marriages last year. According to a Shura member, around , Saudi women are married to foreigners but their husbands and children are deprived of most government benefits granted to Saudis.

The new law is expected to end this practice.

Filipina expats arrested for attending Halloween party in Saudi Arabia

The bomb was placed underneath his vehicle and detonated as it approached a traffic signal. Although the driver and his three passengers were injured, all survived the attack. Less than one month later on December 15, in Al Khobar, a small improvised explosive device in a juice carton left on the vehicle of British national David Brown exploded as he attempted to remove it.

Brown survived but lost his sight and part of his right hand. There were no casualties. Jones was taken from hospital and arrested by Saudi authorities.

Dating? In Saudi-Arabia? It would appear that there is no such thing as dating in Saudi-Arabia. The countries strict laws on gender segregation make sure all contact between the sexes is minimized. There are no movie theaters, restaurants and cafe’s are segregated by gender and single men are denied entry into malls and even parks. This makes [ ].

It dates back 5, years, and the modern buildings are situated on top of the ancient one, with many undiscovered treasures waiting below the streets. Which of the following is not a capital in Bolivia? It was designed with large areas of vegetation breaking up the typical urban landscape for a lush, verdant look. It is also relatively small compared to other European capitals; it has a population of just , people.

A recent civil war and rounds of Taliban insurgency have prevented the city from being the paradise it could be. It was captured by the Japanese in and was badly damaged by bombing raids. Today, it is a thriving metropolis filled with museums, parks and cultural centers.

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The sole constitution that is used is the Quran, which all judges have to interpret conservatively. Many actions that are considered illegal have no actual written laws to ban them — a lot of them are not even addressed in the Quran. Some of these bans also occur in other countries, but this list is specifically about Saudi Arabia since I was born there and I grew up along with millions of others shackled by these laws.

This dating website is dedicated for expatriates in Saudi Arabia. Thousands of young and matured expat singles have joined our dating community. Many have found the love of their lives.

With absolutely no bars or liquor stores to speak of, getting hammered in Saudi Arabia is about as likely as attracting admiring glances from the fairer sex for sporting a Donald Trump-style comb-over. Religion dictates that the Kingdom is, on the face of it, a dry country where booze-fueled antics are generally unheard of. Not fun for those of us who like a stiff drink.

There are means and ways of shaking sobriety and enjoying your favorite tipple, even in a country where there is absolutely nothing to do once the sun goes down. Unless you have family there or happen to be a diplomat, visiting the Kingdom is generally restricted to corporate travelers. Getting through the airport unopposed is just the beginning — you now have to meet people in the know. Try that with a god-fearing local and see how far you get; a verbal volley is the least you can expect.

Most Western expatriates tend to live in huge compounds that offer sanctuary from the socially restrictive world that lies beyond. Read on for more guidelines to drinking in the Kingdom

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Share this article Share Elda Ngombe, a year-old college graduate who’s looking for a job in Dubai, said there’s one specific purchase she’s planning before next year’s price hike: The fact that it’s actually adding 5 percent is crazy,’ she said. Only in rent and food. Salaries, meanwhile, remain the same. Still, Saudi Arabia is facing a budget deficit until at least

Singles eager to mingle in Saudi Arabia may be hoping the country moves in the direction of its northern neighbor, Kuwait, where both locals and expats use official dating sites like WhoseHere.

Police arrested four more people in connection with the mugging of two expatriates, the video of which went viral in India. The police had earlier arrested two Yemenis. Based on information broadcast on an Indian television channel last week, Riyadh police arrested two Yemenis who mugged the two expatriates and robbed them of their belongings.

The Indian TV channel and social media highlighted the daylight robbery which occurred in the city center of Batha when two Yemenis came on a scooter and sped away after snatching the belongings of two expatriates who were standing on the pavement. A CCTV camera in a neighboring complex captured the robbery and the video clip went viral throughout the Kingdom and in India.

The video clip clearly shows that the two robbers came on a motorbike, got off the bike and attacked the two victims standing on the road, snatching their wallets and mobile phones. They then got back on the bike and fled the scene. One of the victims unsuccessfully resisted the robbers, while the other simply gave in out of fear. Riyadh police spokesman Col. Fawaz bin Jameel Al-Maiman said that the robbers used what appeared to be knives to intimidate the two victims.

Al-Maiman said while pursuing further investigations on the matter, it was revealed that four more people were involved in the gang and they had agreed to share the loot equally among the six members of the group. The four people were arrested in Al-Qassim in search operations conducted by the police, Al-Maiman said. According to police, the four, who were also Yemenis, had fled the capital to Al-Qassim fearing arrest.

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Articles Although Gulf Arabs are entitled to marry as soon as they reach puberty, the average age at which people marry has increased considerably in recent years, to around Traditionally, the ideal marriage was tribal, related families encouraging their offspring to marry cousins or other relatives in order to increase and strengthen the tribe, or occasionally to marry into another tribe in order to heal rifts between families. Another reason for such marriages was that families knew the background of the partner.

As is the case in some Latin countries, young couples in the region are allowed to meet under the watchful eye of a chaperon. There are three main elements in an Arab marriage.

In Riyadh, though, there is no room for such a mix, in public anyway, and certain things like bibles, jewellery with anything resembling crosses and other religious symbols – are totally illegal.

My life inside the Saudi kingdom The magic kingdom: Michael Hamilton – the Briton shot at the wheel of his car at the weekend, whose body was then tied to a vehicle and dragged through the streets – had been her friend. What was apparent in both women’s words was that the sense of security, both physical and psychological, provided by the ubiquitous expatriate compound wall is crumbling fast and that, for many, it really is time to get out – or, at the very least, to weigh up the benefits and costs of remaining.

A few months ago, I, too, would have been faced with the same tough decision – is clearing your UK mortgage and living the good life while you do it worth running the risk of death at the hands of Saudi militants? The question is almost universally applicable, because the common denominator linking the estimated seven million expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia most of them from the Indian sub-continent is the promise of huge financial gain.

A tax-free secondment to BAE Systems put my husband’s income in a different league from his former salary as a military officer. With two young children and no education fees to worry about, it was, for us, the most extraordinary period of earning and saving. Aside from the financial rewards, what British friends have always been most curious about is the quality of life that expats enjoy in Saudi Arabia.

The first thing to be said is that the kingdom is very different to Dubai, the expat playground of the United Arab Emirates. The Saudi calendar does not acknowledge Christmas, so you take your annual leave to fit in with Ramadan and hajj – Christmas is not part of the company leave entitlement.

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