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The biggest oil company and the biggest utility, based on revenue, teamed up to receive the biggest fine, to date. It appears that Duke kept Exxon Mobil in the dark. Exxon Mobil did not even know about the investigation until it was over. An Exxon statement read: We are holding Duke percent responsible for the settlement and the actions that caused it.

In a news conference Wednesday before the hurricane struck, Duke Energy executives said power may be out for weeks, as the powerful storm dumps historic rain and floods the southeast states.

These same CEO’s scrambled to distance themselves from Enron when the scandals starting making the headlines. Almost everyone associated with the Enron wannabe corporations suffered. But some of the CEO’s made out like, well, bandits. Federal prosecutors are now trying to seize Mr. In September, a Texas grand jury indicted Westar on charges of illegally funneling money to a political action committee PAC in Tom DeLay has been rebuked by the House ethics committee for publicly cavorting with Westar executives.

The House has its standards: When accepting money for political favors, a certain amount of decorum is expected! Roy Lacoursiere, former shareholder, said “The DeLay thing is an interesting additional, just another example of how we all were getting shafted when the leaders of this company were doing Lord knows what. This is Topeka, not Houston or New York; we’re only a city of about a hundred thou-plus. It all makes one kind of sick.

Wittig wants even more money. Wittig has received something lately – four years of free room and board in the penitentiary for money-laundering. There are similarities between Duke Energy and Westar.

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Can I request a date in the future to have my electric service connected? Yes, you can select the date that you prefer your service to start. Please call the Customer Care number for your area and a representative will assist you. You will need a new account number even if you are a returning customer.

A Duke Energy spokesperson likened the powerful Hurricane Florence to the punch of boxer Mike Tyson as the energy corporation mobilized 20, workers in anticipation of millions of power outages.

Instead, it told Duke to keep track of these costs and ask about them at its next rate case. The order is complex and announced after 5 p. Duke Energy said it was studying it. The case can still be appealed to the state Supreme Court before new electricity rates are set, and two commissioners dissented in the decision. It was one of several changes negotiated with the Public Staff during the middle of the case.

Not all parties to the case agreed to these changes, including Attorney General Josh Stein’s office and environmental groups.

Duke Energy Solar Rebates Now Available In NC

When your system is not producing electricity at night, you will receive electricity from the grid as normal. This excess energy is reflected on your monthly bill as a credit that further reduces your bill. Under this type of connection, you will sell all of the energy produced by the solar array rather than using it in your home.

Global Power Products bridges the gap from darkness to full power by manufacturing electrical products for both the utility and non-utility market space. We manufacture our products out of Georgia and distribute to any place in the nation.

Abt Associates did the report on fine-particle pollutants for the Rockefeller Family Fund, a New York philanthropy that advocates for the environment and other causes. Abt is an air-pollution consultant for the Environmental Protection Agency, and the EPA’s former enforcement chief served as project manager for the study.

Abt focused on eight utilities, including Duke, that the government has sued over power-plant emissions. It estimates premature deaths and illnesses, by state, that would be caused by fine particles from each utility in The report based its estimate on because that’s when new federal limits on power-plant releases are to be in place. It says emissions by then will lead to 5, premature deaths among people 30 or older in the United States. It would also cause 4, additional cases of chronic bronchitis and , asthma attacks a year.

EPA officials in Research Triangle Park, where the agency researches the health effects of air pollution, couldn’t be reached Thursday. Duke said its eight coal-fired power plants meet federal and state standards, and that the company is investing hundreds of millions in new pollution controls. Duke serves more than 2 million customers in the central and western parts of the Carolinas.

An electric industry group said it doubts the study’s methodology and conclusions, which haven’t been reviewed by science peers for publication. Abt, however, says its findings are conservative.

Florence Knocks Out Power to 1/2 Million within First Few Hours. Up to 3 Million Outages Expected

Ratepayers attend a rally to demand clean, safe and renewable energy outside the Duke Energy Florida headquarters Saturday, Sept. The settlement is one of the largest electric utility settlements in US history, it passed with very little public comment or input. A two day hearing was held in Tallahassee with lawyers, accountants, Duke executives and intervening parties.

Duke Energy announces Power Partner award winners for power, Duke Energy required access across Sierra Nevada’s campus. Rather than throwing up barriers, Sierra Nevada worked with Duke.

September 12, By Elisa Wood 2 Comments On Friday morning, just a few hours into what is expected to be a multi-day storm, Hurricane Florence had knocked out power to half million households and businesses in the Carolinas — and the numbers kept climbing, according to Poweroutages. Tornadoes within Hurricane Florence. About 20, workers were prepared to help with restoration at that time, with 9, sent from other utilities as far away as Texas. Even with the additional workers, the utility expects restoration to be difficult given the likelihood of extensive power line collapse and widespread flooding of utility equipment.

Based on historic modeling, the utility expects 1 to 3 million customers to lose power, with the worse case scenario occuring with a Wilmington landfall and a turn by the storm into North Carolina. The Department of Energy is also providing periodic information about outages and other hurricane related data here Southeast slow on microgrids The Southeast has been relatively slow to install microgrids — so far.

Similar storms elsewhere have acted as a catalyst for their development. Connecticut launched a community microgrid grant program following Hurricane Irene and a freak snow storm in October that caused prolonged power outages as trees, heavy with foliage and snow, brought down utility wires. Following Superstorm Sandy in , other Northeast states began offering grant programs for development of microgrids for communities , hospitals, water treatment facilities and other critical infrastructure.

The US Army Corp and private companies installed simple microgrids for quick power restoration. In California, microgrids are being developed to ensure power when earthquakes or wildfires damage the central grid. Microgrids help keep power flowing during a disaster by islanding — or disconnecting — from the disabled grid and activating on-site generators that supply electricity to customers nearby.

Lessons from New York Microgrids represent a relatively new concept that requires adapting existing frameworks. Download the new white paper from Velioa that explores how to navigate local utility requirements for microgrids.

Duke energy power hookup

Posted on October 25, by Garnie Holmes State regulators approved a wide-ranging settlement agreement that ends the possibility Duke Energy Florida will build a nuclear-power plant in Levy County and helps nail down base electric rates through The Florida Public Service Commission unanimously approved the deal, which Duke reached after months of negotiations with representatives of consumers and businesses and a clean-energy group. Along with addressing the long-controversial Levy County nuclear project and base rates, the settlement calls for the utility to undertake solar-energy projects.

The highest-profile part of the settlement involves the Levy nuclear project, which would have involved building two reactors and was rooted in a state law aimed at increasing the use of nuclear power in Florida. Duke announced in that it was shelving a plan to build the reactors, but it left open the possibility that it could pursue a nuclear project in the future and obtained key licenses.

Now, after heavy lobbying by Duke Energy, the Raleigh politicians want to re-open the process to try to find a way to let Duke Energy off the hook.” Duke Energy is among the most powerful political forces in the state, with a team of top-rated lobbyists and a generous political giving program.

Rick Scott and former Gov. Charlie Crist continue to pollute the Florida airwaves with misleading claims. But NextGen Climate Action , a liberal group backing Crist for governor, and the Republican Party of Florida, which backs Scott, inaccurately conflate the costs of the two projects and blame the entire amount on other guy: But it was Crist who approved the ill-fated Levy County plant in when he was governor, and it was former Gov.

Jeb Bush who signed a law that the utility used to charge ratepayers advance fees for the never-built nuclear plant. We recently wrote about a back-and-forth between the two groups over oil drilling near the Everglades. Florida Fleeced by Duke Energy. We asked NextGen for information to support the claims in the ad.

Power crews from Tampa Electric head north to help Duke Energy