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Who cares they’ve had plastic surgery? Most committed celeb stalkers Real-time updates in the world’s most connected city are every Korean celebrity’s nightmare. Check the personal blogs of crazy sa-seng stalker fans and decode the mono-character posts for hourly updates on your favorite hallyu star. If you want to join the fans on a star search, the posh Apgujeong hair salons and Sinsa karoakes are solid bets for a sighting and acceptable public freak out. Green tiramisu Just when you thought you’d had enough tasty desserts in Seoul, you bump into the famed green tiramisu from tart cafe Duex Cremes in Sinsa-dong. Rich and creamy with just a hint of green tea tang, this is one dessert you definitely want to venture out for.

Which of the Big 3 Do You Belong In?

As he got no answer, he went to his office personally to achieve his intention. Yang gave him the opportunity to audition, where he was successful, and accepted by the record label as a trainee. Dong spent the first few years as a trainee cleaning the studio for the other artists in the company and fetching them water bottles during dance practices, later admitting that current artists at the time weren’t friendly towards him or Kwon. Their formation was documented on television, but before their official debut, Hyun-Seung was dropped and their final lineup consisted of five members.

California Institute of Technology, she decides to accept his engagement with Penny because Sheldon likes her. Penny works through her doubts and has who is penny from big bang dating in real life stronger relationship with Leonard – the Conners are forced to face the daily struggles of life in Lanford in a way they never have before.

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JYP and YG friendship over the years

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Mar 05,  · First appearing in “Lollipop”, a commercial campaign with Big Bang for LG Electronics, 2NE1’s debut single “Fire” was released on May 6, Since then, the group has released two eponymous extended plays, 2NE1 () and 2NE1 (), and two studio albums, To Anyone () and Crush ()/5(32).

Pinaywriter Oral Diarrhea 2. Based on a work at pinaywriteroraldiarrhea2. Monday, November 7, I miss writing on a blog. So I think I would go back to this. I am not sure if this is connected to anything else on my not so active facebook. Need to write more. So I wouldn’t get too caught up in other things.

Dara says G Dragon is an ideal boyfriend but she’s not dating him (yet)

Philippine Pasay Chung Hua Hobbies: When she was in 3rd grade, they moved from her birth city of Busan to Daegu. She then heard the song, “I Know” and started to dream of becoming an entertainer.

Nov 08,  · It was soo hard to decide since I love them sooo much.! 2ne1 and Big Bang r like my life, so it was hard to choose.! LOL. lol they are not dating! 2ne1 and big bang have the same stylist that’s all. It’s Yang Seung Ho he is a part of YG familly! Bye. March 23, at pm. Reply.

Sorry, something has gone wrong. Plus, he’s forever being shipped with chicken in my books. I love them together because theyre both one of my faves from their respective groups! Plus they really actlike good friends, so if they dont like eachother, at least they have that going on for them. I really hope all the rumours dont affect the friendship!

But i dont like it when ppl say theyre perfect for eachother cuz their both leaders. It’s only a position, it doesnt count for much. I wouldn’t ship them together, I don’t know why. But again, i can see why ppl would ship this. I bet theyre good friends tho. To me CL seems like she’s trying to fit in GD’s shoes. I just kinna liked most of them equally. But when I found out they were dating, i didn’t really like it.


The problem for China is that demand for its own homegrown Mandopop and Cantopop Mandarin and Cantonese-language pop music, respectively is not nearly as high at home as that for its more popular Korean neighbors and the music it produces. Chinese web giant Tencent stands to make a huge profit by entering a deal with Korean music label YG Entertainment—home to stars such as Psy, Big Bang and 2NE1—for sole distribution of some of Korea’s biggest acts online to the world’s largest population from The Hollywood Reporter.

The difference for YG is that China takes a much more hands-on approach to moderating content on video services such as YouTube, which helps prevent illegal versions of songs —which don’t result in royalty payments to performers—from being posted but then again outright piracy in China is out of control.

2NE1 in Korean is???? is an all girl group from South Korea. Originally created for entertainment by YG, 2NE1 according to Wikipedia first appeared in Cyon commercial alongside with Big Bang. This is a commercial for LG telecom where their debut single “Fire” was first released with.

This is a close fight all the way. Both idols are the two most gifted in the business right now. But both with different appeal and skills. They seem to be the complete opposite of each other. Personality-wise, they also differ so much. Xiah Junsu is fun and animated while G-Dragon is conserve and quiet. Before anything else, here are some performance of our remaining to idols. This is actually hard to compare since G-Dragon raps and Xiah Junsu does ballads. I never heard about them till then but I found myself a fan after watching the said collaboration.

Lies is such an extremely addicting song. It was the first time I noticed how fluid his rapping is. G-Dragon has got to be the most fluid rapper right now. But G-Dragon never made me think that way.

Big Hit’s Bang Si Hyuk Rumored To Be Dating 21-Year-Old Woman

The result is a stunning tour de force of supercomputer calculations — the most detailed, comprehensive view of what happened in the 14 billion years after the Big Bang. The calculations, which were crunched on multiple supercomputers for half a year, would have taken 2, years to complete on an average person’s desktop. The simulation begins 12 million years after the Big Bang and follows the history of the universe until the present day — 14 billion years later.

Big Bang Comeback Bigbang’s “Special Edition” Album has been released, t otaling to 10 songs, this album includes songs from Taeyang’s solo, Seungri’s solo, .

Then Dara slightly and carefully moved her eyes towards YoungBae and she looked for a while, he was talking to Bom. All of the sudden Bom stood up and left the room as well. YoungBae was now alone, Dara saw him grabbing his phone and looking in it. He is not texting someone right? Dara thought YoungBae slightly moved his head up, he felt that someone was staring at him. He saw Dara quickly turn her head towards Daesung.

G-Dragon ♥ CL “Love at First Sight: Mini Drama” [EngSub]